Yanko Tihov


Yanko Tihov has a degree in Fine arts and Printmaking at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. He graduated in 2001 and subsequently moved to London where he still lives and works. In England he developed interests in digital printmaking and figurative painting, often united by his personal observation and social commentary. Tihov has exhibited at many international exhibitions and is represented by galleries in London and Geneva. His work has featured by auctions, museum and national institutions including The Royal Academy of Arts in London, National Portrait Gallery, Christie's and London Art Fair. Since 2001 he lives and works in London, UK.


In his 'passport series' of limited edition hand-finished prints, the design is determined by the colours and motifs of each country’s passport, which the artist carefully matches and re-creates within the correct national borders. Tihov has hand-painted the texts, seals and coats of arms which adorn the covers with real 24 carat gold, successfully capturing their individual details. The paint adds a unique layer to each work which beautifully reflects the light and enlivens the surface.

In some of his latest pieces, which Tihov presents in this exhibition, he uses lenticular printing technique. Europe is made by capturing passport covers of Contemporary Europe in juxtaposition to passport covers from the Cold War or 1930s period. As the viewer changes their view point, the imagery moves between the different eras. This movement between time subtly reveal the change in both history and identity of the countries from the 1960’s and 1930s to the present day.