About Us:

The non-profit organization So Close, So Far was established in 2015 with the mission of realizing cultural and educational activities, which connect Bulgarian diaspora around the world with its roots. Through establishing channels for cultural exchange, the organization aims at enriching the local and global creative and intellectual environment. 

Main Goals:

  • Presents the works of contemporary Bulgarian artists, who live and work abroad;


  • Promotes contemporary Bulgarian art and culture at home and abroad;


  • Attracts and represents contemporary artists at national and international forums, biennials, and plain airs;


  • Organizes and contributes to the realization of projects related to art, culture, education and intellectual development;


  • Initiates national and international collaboration, connections and exchange of experience with other non-profit organizations, institutions and their representatives in the field of art, culture, and education;


  • Arranges participations in conferences, symposiums, seminars and other kinds of public events, which have the goal to establish, implement and exchange good practices in the sphere of cultural policies and management;


  • Encourages the preservation of national values, education and culture of Bulgarian communities abroad.


Board Members

Board of Directors:

President: Irina Velkova

Vise President: Antoaneta Traikova-Karliova


Board Members:

Irina Velkova

Antoaneta Traikova-Karliova

Mila Stareyshinska-Angelova

Nia Tabakova

Anguel Tcholakov

Evelina Christiva

Georgi Georgiev