Exhibition "Balance Point" at UniCredit Studio, Sofia -  June 6 and June 23, 2018



The purpose of the exhibition is to immerse the visitor in an environment that will take him away from everyday life. By opposing different means of expression and ideas, the works of Magdalena Nikolova and Sandra Stoycheva complement each other, creating a feeling of balance. The quest for balance between material and spiritual, between personal and professional, desires and obligations. The exhibition looks at the search for balance as a personal inner process that creates the image of the contemporary woman.


In the works of the two young and talented Bulgarian artists can be recognized the different faces and metaphors of the woman. She symbolizes both the earth and the sky. She is created by flesh and blood, but is often worshiped and elevated in cult. Gentle and strong, mother and successful in her career. She is the reality without which we can not exist, but also the illusion that inspires.