Christo Guelov presents his installations at the History Museum of Sofia in April


Opening Sofia: April 19, 7:00 pm

Place:History Museum of Sofia (Regional History Museum)



From April 19th to May 19th 2018 a guest at the Regional Museum of History in Sofia will be the Bulgarian visual artist CHRISTO GUELOV who has been living in Madrid for many years. He will present the interactive sound installation Storytellingand the video installation Constellation, both of which correspond directly to concepts of the relationship between traditions and memory, the preservation of identity through the power of letters and signs, sound and color symbolism. The public of the Regional History Museum - Sofia will be able to experience the original installations by Guelov and get acquainted with contemporary Bulgarian art from abroad.


The project is implemented by the NGO "So Close, So Far" in partnership with the Regional Museum of History - Sofia and the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. The main sponsor of the event is Aurubis - Bulgaria, which supports the promotion of contemporary art in Bulgaria and abroad.


"So close, so far" has in recent years organized large-scale creative projects - international and national exhibitions, residency programs, cultural policy discussions that generally aim to popularize contemporary Bulgarian arts abroad, to share practices and experience, and to bring back at "home" Bulgarian artists living abroad.


About Christo Guelov:


The artistic activities of the multidisciplinary artist Christo Guelov develop in the sphere of audiovisual media and urban space, and aim to "humanize" our environment in the city, offering to people who inhabit it alternative artistic points of view.

His works in urban space contribute to new ways of understanding and contemplating contemporary art, providing a broad framework for expression and artistic language by involving the citizens in a fascinating encounters, which generate new urban experiences.

The author is socially committed to the enrichment of urban space with a new, more human, more dynamic, more modern and more cultural environment. He employs a wide range of visual communication techniques such as: temporary ephemeral actions, interventions in urban space, video mapping and others. Today, through art we should intervene in urban development in order to rediscover public space and give it at least one little bit of visual or conceptual poetry.“ – says Christo Guelov.