“Fragmented Stories: Sofia-Berlin” /„Fragmentierte Erzählungen: Berlin-Sofia“

вторник, 6 юни 2017

Exhibition Opening Sofia: 6 July, Sofia History Museum, 19:00

7 July, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, 18:00; Artist and Curator Talk at 19:00

Exhibition Opening Berlin: 29 September, Gallery Verein Berliner Künstler, 19:00


The fragmentation of time and space is a notable characteristic of our contemporary life. The connections between real and virtual, natural and urban, history and myth seem to have multiplied and make the easy and quick transition between one reality and another even more accessible.

“Fragmented Stories: Sofia-Berlin/ Fragmentierte Erzählungen: Berlin-Sofia” is the newest project of the non-profit organization “So Close, So Far” that initiates the joining of different fragments through two group exhibitions of contemporary artists from Bulgaria and Germany, which will take place in Sofia and Berlin in 2017.

On July 6 at the Sofia History Museum and on July 7 at Goethe-Institut Bulgaria will be presented the works of 17 German artists from the Berlin art scene, who work with various media – painting, photography, video and installation. Right after the exhibition opening at Goethe-Institut starting at 19:00 there will be an Artists Talk with guest authors and curators. The exposition, which will take place parallelly at the two spaces, will be open until the end of July.

Between September 29 and October 22 in Berlin with an exhibition at the Gallery of the Union of Berlin Artists will be represented 16 contemporary Bulgarian artists with their conceptual works, paintings, ready-mades and installations.

The project is organized by the non-profit organization “So Close, So Far” in partnership with the Union of Berlin Artists, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Sofia History Museum and National Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. Coordinators of the events are: Snezhana Joveva-Dimirova and Radostina Doganova. Curators: Ina Lindemann/ Mila Stareyshinska-Angelova, Nia Tabakova.

General sponsor of the initiative is Aurubis-Bulgaria, which supports the popularization of contemporary art in Bulgaria.

The complete list of the artists, participating in the exhibition, can be found here:

Sofia:Andrea Schtreit, Andrea Sunder, Evelyn Sommerhoff, Jutta Barth, Marianne Gielen, Ina Lindemann, Peter Schlangenbader, Simone Kornfeld, Sebastian Kussenberg, Sigi Torinus, Sandra Becker, Jürgen Kellig, Vadim Zakharov, Ute Richter, SOOKI, Sabine Schneider, Peter Linderberg

Berlin:Elizabeth Thallauer, Vikenti Komitski, Boris Pramatarov, Deyan Yanev, Milena Neubert, Sandra Stoycheva, Magdalena Nikolova, Neli Georgieva, Irma Vodeva, Antoaneta Galabova, Kalina Dimitrova, Desislava Unger, Christo Guelov, Radostina Doganva, Ivan Kostolov, Zara Alexandrova